Your safety is our primary responsibility

Landlord Gas Certificate is not just to comply with the norms and standards legally; they are an ethical requirement too. The landlords are expected to have a landlord gas certificate issued annually for all their tenanted properties provided with gas supply, as a part of assuring safety to the tenants.

At Putney plumbers, we perform the following checks before we issue the Landlord Gas Certificate (CP12) in Putney.

  • Ensure all the gas appliances and pipework has enough gas tightness.
  • Ensure optimum burner pressure/gas rate as per manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Ensure the property is properly ventilated
  • Ensure that the standing pressure and the working pressure of the gas at test points meet the required standards.
  • Ensure that the flue/chimney is clear of products of combustion by testing flue flow.
  • Ensure optimal operation of all flame failure devices

At Putney plumbers, our gas safe registered engineers perform the above mentioned comprehensive checks to ensure complete safety of the tenants. They issue the CP12 Landlord Gas Certificate only if all the above checks are positive.